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Residential Air Duct Cleaning by Monster Vac

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    COmmercial Air Duct and Hvac System Cleaning

    Commercial Air Duct and HVAC System Cleaning

    Commercial buildings are dirtier than your home. Click below to learn more and see what you can do about it.

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    I'm very pleased with Monster Vac, and the technicians they sent out to my house. Mike and Fernando were very polite and very professional. Mike walked-through the house and explained exactly what they would do for us. While working, they took great care to keep the carpet clean, and to put everything back the way it was before they arrived. After owning a Yellow Lab for the last 13 years, the furnace and ducts were a mess. The amount of hair they removed from the furnace was disgusting. I'm looking forward to know the furnace will be running more efficiently, and the air in our house much cleaner. Thank you Mike, Fernando, and Monster Vac.
    William Finley - PHE Faculty
    19:14 03 Jan 18
    Excellent work ! Daniel our technician was very professional and focused on every aspect of the air distribution system. He meticulously cleaned the main air supply and return ducts, cleaned and wiped down the furnace and blower, as well as blowing out each floor heat register. He completed the job by taking the time to seal all vac access points. Overall a Great job. We will definitely use Monster Vac in the future and recommend them to others.
    John Zawlocki
    19:29 06 Dec 17
    I have never been so impressed with a household maintenance provider. We had not had our vents cleaned in several years and it was at the point we could not ignore the fact that we needed to have this service done. Knowing that we had neglected this and have had several dogs through the years, my husband and I were a little reluctant and embarrassed, we assumed a technician would judge a little and we even expected them to be a little rude. This was so not the case. Daniel was the most professional, courteous, and friendly technician we have ever had for any service. He walked my husband through the process, kept him informed the entire time and was really super nice. He did a very thorough job and took his time. When I walked in the house from work, I immediately smelled a difference in my house. And I don’t know about most of you, but my husband is typically one that looks past how good a job someone can do and just complain about having to pay for work to be done however, he was so impressed with Daniel and the professionalism of his character and work ethic, he didn’t complain once, all he did was brag about this guy and immediately asked me to write this up so that everybody knows what a great experience we had with Monster Vac and with their BEST employee ever Daniel.
    jennifer valde
    21:54 15 Dec 17
    They did an amazing job! More expensive than the carpet cleaning companies but it is worth It! They not only suck the debris and dust out of the vents, but they scrub them as well. My furnace was cleaned in detail and runs so much smoother. The tech even spent a lot.of time explaining to me the best methods in maintaining the furnace and keeping clean ducts. Highly highly recommend!
    Eric Haugen
    13:50 28 Oct 17
    This is the 2nd time in 6 years we've used Monster Vac and there will definitely be a 3rd! Noah and Fernando did in incredible job on our air ducts, furnace and air conditioner coils. They were very knowledgeable in their service offerings and exceptionally clean throughout the house. I especially liked how informative they were on their processes and the before/after pictures. Great employees that I highly recommend. Sue and Tom
    Sue S.
    19:17 14 Nov 17
    The guys at Monster Vac were incredibly great to work with! Mike and Fernando were right on time, explained the process very well, were conscientious about treating my home with care and respect, and did a fantastic job cleaning our ducts and furnace. I am very happy with the job they did and would not hesitate to use Monster Vac again! Thanks guys!
    Eric Burns
    21:08 05 Jan 18
    Mike did an awesome job cleaning our ducts and furnace. He was on time, professional , friendly and conscientious/respectful as he worked. Our house was only 4 years old but the builder who built our house didn’t properly clean up after construction - leaving our vent system filled with drywall and concrete dust. Obviously very dangerous stuff to be breathing. We were constantly getting sick so I hope his will make the difference for us
    C D
    21:06 08 Jan 18
    When I called Monster Vac I spoke with Patrick who thoroughly explained what they provided and what set them apart from other companies claiming to provide similar services. Mike & Tyler we’re the technicians, they arrived on time and did an excellent job. My husband and I bought our home 8 months ago and we had so much dust on everything, it felt more like an attic, than a living space. We have noticed an incredible difference with little to no dust which makes us so much better about the air that we are breathing!! Can’t say enough about this fabulous service!
    Sally G.
    04:10 15 Jan 18
    We had Monster Vac come clean out our vents and they sent Timothy to us. He conducted himself in a very good manner and did a thorough job. He took the screen out of the window without breaking it and reinstalled it before he left. He made sure everything was working well before he left. The vents look wonderful. We were also able to see the differences in the advertised product as each vent was brushed and blown with compressed air. The process was loud, but efficient.Monster Vac knew who we were when we called and knew about a delay that might cause Timothy to be late. He managed to make up time and arrive near the end of the time window we were given for his arrival. We are grateful that they have such quality people working for them.
    Jesse Aughenbaugh
    01:06 10 Jan 18
    We have used Monster Vac for many years where I work in Elizabeth. Noah was my technician and Fernando was his assistant. They were here on Thursday and I, as always, am very pleased with the load in, set up and finished service. Noah and Fernando were courteous, knowledgable, caring and thorough. I will absolutely call them for future duct cleaning. Thanks Noah and Fernando...and thank you Monster Vac!Randy
    Heather Kelly
    00:48 13 Jan 18
    I am very happy with Justin from Monster Vac! Justin was polite and professional. While working, he was meticulous in ensuring cleanliness of all the areas in which he was working. He picked up and vacuumed all the residual dust and debris that was around all the work areas. I'm confident that the furnace is running more efficiently, and the air in our house much cleaner. Great personality too! Thank you Justin, enjoy the $50 and put it to good use.
    Ian McKnight
    00:13 23 Jan 18
    I would highly recommend Monster Vac for air duct cleaning services, especially on a fairly newer home such as ours. Their technician, Mike Z, arrived on time. He was very professional and thorough. He went through the entire house with me to ensure that each vent was identified before he started his cleaning process. As I had suspected, the cleaning was an absolute necessity, as there was evidence of construction debris as well as an accumulation of dust and dirt. The entire process took about four hours - Mike Z never stopped once to take a break. I was pleasantly surprised that the service also included cleaning the furnace and a thorough vacuuming of the home. Thanks, Mike Z, for great customer service...
    Patricia WATSON
    16:10 25 Jan 18
    Just was wonderful well worth the money. Steve worked w me to schedule. The whole company is kind and reapectful and on top of that the quality of the work smokes the competition. Now I won’t have to worry that the drywall from my basement remodel is giving my daughter asthma. Thanks Monster Vac five stars!
    Abigail Lance
    02:16 28 Jan 18
    Great Job! I could not be happier with the service Justin provided. He was right on time, pleasant and professional in every way. He was very clear when explaining costs and services he would be providing. Honest, hard working, what a great experience!
    Frank McCracken
    04:54 31 Jan 18
    Justin and Lance did an excellent job with our duct cleaning. The house hadn't been inhabited for years so they really had their work cut out for them. After showing up on time they went to work for about 7 hours, which was much longer than we expected but boy did those ducts need the job. After seeing before and after photos that Justin provided we couldn't be happier with the job they did. Ill be using these guys again soon at some other properties. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
    Kyle Gardiner
    17:01 15 Feb 18
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