Why Clean Air Ducts In Your Home?

Why clean air ducts in your home? Air Ducts and furnaces get very dirty in your home. The problem originates with the construction of a home. All construction sites are dirty and dusty. The dust from the street, the dust generated by cutting wood and the dust created from cutting and installing drywall all ends up in the home on the floors, windows and walls. When the heating system is installed holes are cut into the floor. On the other end of this hole a duct is hooked up. The air vent covers aren’t put on until the very last day of construction. In the meantime these holes in floor become trash receptacles for nails, chunks of wood, pieces of drywall and other forms of construction trash. Sawdust and drywall dust commonly are swept into these openings.


Before the home is cleaned up, the furnace will run to keep the house warm in the winter for the workers and to help cure the drywall. When the furnace runs it will suck in the dust and construction trash and blow it all through the furnace and air ducts. The picture on the left and the right are of a blower and blower compartment on a brand new home that the homeowner hasn’t even moved into yet!