Residential Air Duct Cleaning by Monster Vac

  • Greatly Reduces Allergy Triggers
  • Keeps Your House Cleaner
  • Saves Energy & Money
  • Reduces Your Carbon Footprint
  • Extends the Life of Equipment

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC System Cleaning

Commercial buildings are dirtier than your home. Click below to learn more and see what you can do about it.

Why Air Duct Cleaning & Why Monster Vac?

We are often asked why homes and commercial buildings need air duct cleaning and system cleaning. The answer to this question is that air ducts, blower fans and coils continually have dust, lint, dirt, bacteria and allergens pass over and through them. And, as these contaminates accumulate, indoor dust becomes more prevalent, heating and cooling systems don’t operate efficiently, and in some cases, they can have an adverse effect on your health. If you notice any of these issues at your home or work, air duct cleaning may be needed.

That’s where Monster Vac comes in. First, we don’t merely put a canister vacuum hose down your air duct and call it clean. Instead, we use proprietary, massive truck-mounted vacuums that suck everything out of your air ducts from the top floor to the trunk line. Meanwhile, we place air-powered scrubber brushes through the entire length of the air duct, not just four or five feet down like other companies.

Next, we clean critical system components, which is a necessary step for a thorough air duct cleaning service. The blower fan that forces air through your system gets covered with dust and dirt, and begins to operate inefficiently. Therefore, we take the time to remove the blower from the cabinet and do a thorough cleaning. We also clean the interior of the furnace cabinet that houses the blower fan and other components.

Finally, Monster Vac cleans heating and air conditioning coils as part of our air duct cleaning process. These coils are notorious for collecting dust and dirt that eventually create a thick mat that blankets them, and drastically reduces cooling and heating efficiency. This vital step in the process is critical to saving energy and costly repairs down the road.

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Monster Vac is proud to be the Gold Standard in air duct cleaning. We believe that our service is far superior to others in the industry. However, the best way to evaluate a company to hear from its customers. So, we invite you to check out our Google reviews here on our site, or click here to read them on our Google page. We are proud of our reviews and hope they provide more information to help you get the most information possible about air duct cleaning and Monster Vac.

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