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About Monster Vac

Monster Vac has been in the business of cleaning air ducts and HVAC systems for over 34 years in Colorado. The name Monster Vac comes from our powerful Monster Vac trucks that we custom build to meet our stringent specifications. Over the last 34+ years Monster Vac has cleaned the air ducts and air handlers in over 100,000 buildings.

People know about Monster Vac because we work neatly and professionally. We use the most powerful equipment available anywhere, we employ friendly and conscientious technicians who are highly trained, and because of our ironclad satisfaction guarantee.

Give us call anytime to discuss your air duct cleaning needs, Indoor Air Quality questions, or HVAC inspection needs. Information and estimates are free! Please call us in Colorado at 303-277-0140.

Our web site is packed with information about the services we offer. Please take time to go through the site and learn more about Monster Vac. Thank you for visiting our Web Site.

We are a heating and air conditioning contractor that specializes in cleaning air ducts, air handlers, furnaces, air conditioners and coils in homes, commercial buildings, schools, health care facilities and more.
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People want to know that when a contractor performs work for them, they will stand behind their work. Monster Vac excels at that. We give 100% attention to any complaints or questions that arise from our service.
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When people watch us work they are amazed at the work and care we put in to cleaning your heating and AC ducts. Check out some of the testimonials from both our residential and corporate clients.
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Monster Vac Has Expanded! We now have offices and are servicing from Northern Colorado to Southern Colorado.

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