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Some memorable commercial air duct cleaning jobs Monster Vac has performed in Colorado.

Clean Hvac Air Ducts At The Denver Broncos Facility

Denver Broncos Headquarters

Clean Hvac Air Ducts At The Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy

Commercial building owners and management will hear these common complaints:

…in many cases these complaints are a direct result of Dirty HVAC Systems!

The best way to understand the need for commercial air duct cleaning is to take a look inside. The images below are commercial HVAC system in Colorado.

FACT: With office vacancy rates at NEAR RECORD LEVELS in many major cities a dirty HVAC system could make the difference in how effective you are in attracting and/or retaining tenants

Dirty HVAC systems also present the following problems:

A building’s air duct network acts as its respiratory system. Dirt, dust, debris, and microbial growth accumulate inside of air ducts, on cooling coils, and on re-heat coils—hidden from view—and “congest” the system and make it difficult for the building to “breathe” properly and function efficiently. Cleaning the cooling coils and re-heat coils alone can increase airflow by as much as 75%. In fact, a 1987 ASHRAE study concluded that MAINTAINING HVAC SYSTEM CLEANLINESS WOULD REDUCE AVERAGE OPERATING COSTS BY 10% TO 25%. With energy costs skyrocketing every year, it is more important than ever to ensure your HVAC equipment is operating at peak efficiency!!

It is estimated that the average 1500 square foot home generates 40 POUNDS OF DUST PER YEAR. Imagine the amount of contaminated filth your building is producing? And this dust is comprised of bacteria, mold spores, pollen, dust mites, building materials, hair and dander, soot, carpet fibers, paper, and other particulate matter. Most commercial HVAC systems have filters that only screen out 20 – 30% of these pollutants, and HVAC filters that are loaded with these contaminants no longer remove them from the air. Instead they build up in heating and air conditioning ductwork systems. As air circulates through the building ductwork, it picks up these pollutants and spews them back into the air your occupants breathe. Cleaning and maintenance costs are directly related to the quality of air inside commercial buildings. And indoor air contaminants don’t just affect people. They also create a film that covers walls, desks, computer circuit boards, and telephone switches—causing them to fail. . FACT: Fixing faulty telephone wires alone cost telecommunications companies more than $100 million over the last 10 years.

Dirty air can cause unsightly build-up not only on office furniture and walls, and but on ceilings and air vents as well. Current tenants, their customers, and potential tenants who visit your building are sure to question the quality of building maintenance when they see dirt on ceilings and air vents. The potentially permanent, negative impression can be an instant image killer for you—one that is difficult if not impossible to overcome easily.

As dirt builds up in your HVAC system, cooling coils and re-heat coils can become clogged…and even minor contamination can dramatically affect airflow. The result? Isolated parts of your building are affected, and tenants complain that it’s too hot or too cold. So your building maintenance people attempt to fix the problem by resetting the dampers to accommodate the affected parts of the building. This inadvertently affects other areas of the building and throws the entire HVAC system out of balance. Before you know it, EVERYONE IS COMPLAINING AND YOU CAN’T FIX THE PROBLEM!! Remember, your system was originally balanced when the system was NEW and CLEAN!! Attempting to eliminate hot and cold spots by manipulating airflow simply compounds a problem that can best be solved by cleaning!

And what about health problems? FACT: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1 out of every three workers may be toiling away in a workplace that is making them sick. FACT: Poor air quality has been linked to a variety of health issues, including: headaches, nausea, dizziness, short-term memory loss, irritability, itchy eyes/throats, and possible nervous and respiratory system damage. FACT: Most often, the culprits are dust, mold, and bacteria funneled through muck-filled heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) systems. Microbial contamination (mold, mildew, and bacteria) is a BIG PROBLEM to fix once it occurs. In fact, studies show it only takes 5 minutes for mold to completely circulate throughout the air handling unit of a five story building.

The failure of a building owner to provide clean indoor air can result in costly consequences including health problems, absenteeism, reduced productivity, higher premiums for worker’s comp and health insurance, and lost tenants. Moreover, U.S. courts have consistently ruled that building owners have a non-deferrable legal obligation to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) litigation increases every year, and recent IAQ lawsuits have commanded hefty settlements. Businesses are faced with ever more stringent responsibilities to provide employees with a safe work environment.

Commercial HVAC systems should be inspected regularly to verify cleanliness. Coils should be inspected annually and air ducts should be inspected at least once every 5 years. Your system might be clean but it might not be. Can you afford not to know. Call Monster Vac today and have one of our certified Inspectors take a look at your system. Please read our section on HVAC Inspections to find out more.

In the event our inspections shows that your system needs cleaning, Monster Vac will provide you with written recommendations for improving the cleanliness and efficiency of your HVAC system in a COST-EFFECTIVE WAY THAT’S PLANNED, SYSTEMATIC, MAKES SENSE, AND DOESN’T BREAK THE BANK!!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services — Does Your Office Need a Deep Cleaning?

Most business owners don’t realize that their office buildings are in rough shape until after the major problems have already started settling in. Maybe you’ve noticed that your office is always either too hot or too cold, and it always seems to be covered in a layer of dust. Maybe you’ve noticed that parts of your building get very little airflow. Maybe your HVAC equipment is constantly breaking down. Or maybe you and your employees have a hard time breathing in the office, and maybe you’ve noticed that everyone’s allergies seem to get worse after a few hours in the office. While all of these things may seem unrelated, they’re actually signs of clogged HVAC ducts. If you and your employees have experienced any of these issues, then it may be time to invest in commercial air duct cleaning services.

But Wait — Why Air Duct Cleaning?

Great question! There are many reasons to invest in regular air duct cleanings, and business owners everywhere are jumping on board. But the biggest reasons is this:

A good air duct cleaning can take care of all of the problems we just talked about!

Temperature fluctuations? Dusty desks? Insufficient heating and/or cooling in specific areas of the office? It’s all related, and it’s all caused by clogged air ducts.

Over time, your air ducts become caked with years-worth of dust, dirt, allergens, mold, viruses, and bacteria. The longer the problem goes unnoticed, the more pollutants will cake up and clog your air ducts. This leads to insufficient airflow and some very unhappy employees.

But clogged air ducts are more than just annoying. They can actually become very dangerous very quickly. All of that dirt — all of that debris — all of those mold spores and viral particles — it all adds up over time. And the result? A cocktail of mold, viruses, and bacteria that’s being circulated throughout your entire office building.

(No wonder so many people have been calling in sick!)

See, your office is only as clean and hygienic as your commercial air ducts allow it to be. But don’t worry. That’s where Monster Vac professionals can help. 

Monster Vac Air Duct Cleaning Services (and How They Can Make a Huge Difference)

All Monster Vac technicians have years of experience in dealing with dirty commercial air ducts. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve cleaned it all. Here at Monster Vac, we utilize industry-leading practices and machinery to clean commercial air ducts across the state.

See, we won’t just stick a hose down your air ducts and call it a day. We use massive truck-mounted vacuums to suck out everything from dirt and debris to viral particles and mold spores. We’ll even help you protect your office from harmful viruses (such as COVID-19) with government-tested Global Plasma Solutions products. That’s right. We’ll install the leading air ionizer in your office so you can protect your whole team from harmful viruses.

Because we care about the health, comfort, and safety of you and your employees. And we’re here to guarantee it. Chat with our experts today about our commercial air duct cleaning services, and experience a cleaner, more comfortable office space tomorrow!

Does your building need air duct cleaning?

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