Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning for Your Colorado Home


How Safe is Your Colorado Home? Can Cleaning My Dryer Vents Help?

Home Dryer Vent Cleaning ColoradoYou keep your home safe in a lot of ways. You install high-tech security systems to ward off the threat of intruders. You invest in air filters and air duct cleaning services to protect you and your family from harmful airborne germs. You even purchase expensive bug sprays to keep your home bug- and critter-free.

But how are you protecting your home from the threat of fire?

Sure, you’ve already installed smoke detectors in the house, but those only warn you after a dangerous fire has already begun to spark. Why not prevent the house fire altogether?

At Monster Vac, we’re committed to keeping homes everywhere safe from the threat of fire — one dryer vent at a time. We’ll help you protect your home from the threat of dryer fires with our professional dryer vent cleaning services. Our experts will remove hazardous lint build up from those hard-to-reach areas, and they’ll even give you the tools and the knowledge to help you better protect your home from dryer fires.

Over 2,900 Dryer Fires are Reported Every Year

Of those 2,900 cases, there are an average of 100 injuries, five deaths, and over $35 million worth of property damage.

Your family home doesn’t have to be included in those statistics next year.   

Too few people realize that lint build-up doesn’t just occur in your dryer’s lint tray. Some of the most flammable sources of lint appear right in your dryer vent, making that little vent one of the most hazardous hidden dangers in your home. But when you choose Monster Vac’s residential dryer vent cleaning services, you’ll be keeping that hard-to-reach dryer vent lint- and hazard-free.

Less Lint Means More Money in Your Pocket

Keeping a lint-free dryer vent can save lives. And it can also save you money.

Not only will you not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on post-dryer-fire home repairs, but you’ll also wind up with cheaper energy bills. The more lint in your dryer vent, the more energy and money you’ll wind up wasting.

Excess lint can also cause your dryer vent to resist the flow of exhaust, causing the dryer to get hotter than it is supposed to. This places unnecessary stress on your dryer, and if left untreated, the lifespan of your dryer will decrease while the cost of repairs will increase. Fortunately, our Monster Vac experts can save you from expensive costs, repairs, and appliance replacements. Our residential dryer vent cleaning services help you protect your home and your budget.

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning ColoradoKeep Your Colorado Family Safe from Hidden Dangers with Monster Vac Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning  

When it comes to the safety of you and your family, never settle for anything less than the best preventative measures. At Monster Vac, we’re all about stopping hazards before they become serious problems. That’s why our experts are committed to the safety of all Colorado homes.

Don’t become another dryer-fire statistic. Give us a call today, and guarantee your safety tomorrow.     

We also offer Residential Air Duct Sealing as an additional service from our air duct cleaning service.

This is the 2nd time in 7 years we have had our ducts cleaned. The first time was another company and they did not do nearly as thorough of a job. Monster Vac used cameras and showed us before and after pics. They did an excellent job - we will use them again in the future. It was worth the additional cost to have it done right. Very happy with their service.
Greg Bardelman
04:03 05 May 21
This is the third time I have used Monster Vac. They continue to do a great job. I would highly recommend them and will continue to use them whenever the need arises.
19:57 04 May 21
Monster Vac arrived on time. Bryan and James were friendly and professional. They spent several hours cleaning our ducts which had not been cleaned for at least 10 years (when we moved in) and probably longer. There was so much accumulated dust, dirt, etc. We were shown before and after pictures of the ductwork. Would definitely recommend.
Julie Stein
18:49 29 Apr 21
Justin arrived at the scheduled time, did a great job and showed me pictures after the work was done. Great experience.
Paul Goff
01:51 27 Apr 21
Jared did a good job- would use this service again.
adam gleason
13:46 24 Apr 21
Jose was terrific! He was extremely professional & knowledgeable and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend Monster Vac.I would highly recommend
Roy Mertik
23:39 23 Apr 21
Favian came to the house today and did a great job for us. He spent a lot of time cleaning our ducts, return air system, and heater. we will definitely use Monster Vac again.
Mike Harper
23:49 21 Apr 21
Excellent work by MonsterVac. They come with some HEAVY duty equipment and leave no stone unturned.Justin and Bryan did an excellent job.Explained every detail to me, and were very friendly. I am extremely happy with their work. They did a few things extra without being asked, like replacing dried out duct tape and filling in holes in exposed duct work with a filler.I caution those that are entertaining a less expensive company, you get what you pay for. MonsterVac is the best at what they do.
Henry Ehrenshaft
15:34 21 Apr 21
Justin and David came to clean our 2 furnaces and over 30 vents last week - a big job (over 30 years since we had the ducts cleaned). They were competent, curteous, and diligent. They explained the technical process and went to work. Finished in the prescribed time and and we are pleased with the results.SOMEHOW, our water heater, which was next to the 2 furnaces in the basement was not working after they left. I found the pilot light was not on and I could not get it relit after multiple tries to start it. I called Jim at the Monster Vac office and he quickly sent out Louli (sp?) who was able to start it. It was 3pm when I called and my wife was not in a good mood with just cold water in the house on a Friday night with the weekend approaching. Louli arrived at 3:30pm and somehow started it. A GREATTESTAMENT TO THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CARING ATTITUDE.(not really sure Monster Vac caused the problem but they came to the rescue - the thought perhaps was that all the strong air from the vacuum cleaning the furnaces could have blown out the pilot light ???)
Mick Davey
19:11 18 Apr 21