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Who is Monster Vac and How Did We Start in Colorado

About Monster Vac – Bill Lundquist, founder of Monster Vac had a problem to solve back in 1988. Lundquist, an HVAC contractor at the time, had a customer who had a fire in their air ducts at a local restaurant. Upon inspection he found that the dirt inside the air ducts ignited and set fire to one of 6 HVAC systems at the restaurant. Inspection of the other 5 systems showed that they were also full of dirt and presented a fire hazard. Realizing he needed to remove this fire hazard from the air ducts, Lundquist attempted to find someone to clean them. After a thorough search around Colorado, Lundquist could not find a single company that had the equipment and skills necessary to clean the system out. After reporting this to the restaurant owner, the owner then said, “why don’t you figure out how to clean these air ducts.”

That was the beginning of Monster Vac. Lundquist spent months researching the country for equipment (no Internet then) and researching techniques that others had come up with for cleaning air ducts. Lundquist settled on a vacuum truck built in Pennsylvania for cleaning furnaces. He then modified the truck for cleaning air ducts and then had to go about teaching himself how to clean air ducts.

In 1989 Monster Vac Inc. of Colorado was formed and opened up for business in Boulder, Colorado. For our first 3 years in business we were the only company in Colorado cleaning air ducts. At the time, homeowners and commercial buildings just didn’t get their air ducts cleaned. They had never done it before, why do it now? Virtually every call we received was from a customer asking us “Why should I clean my air ducts?”

We stuck with it, educated the public on the need to clean their air ducts and now almost everyone understands the importance of having a clean air duct system delivering air into their home or commercial building.

Over the years Monster Vac has continued to innovate and advance the industry. Our techniques and skills developed over the course of performing thousands of jobs. We have always put a tremendous amount of our resources into building bigger and better equipment, new tools and developing new techniques to improve our services.

The way we clean air ducts and HVAC systems now doesn’t even resemble the way we cleaned systems in our early years.

Monster Vac is still a local family owned Colorado company. We have been in the business of cleaning air ducts and HVAC systems for over 34 years now. We are a heating and air conditioning contractor that specializes in cleaning air ducts, air handlers, furnaces, air conditioners and coils in homes, commercial buildings, schools, health care facilities and more. Over the last 34 years Monster Vac has cleaned the air ducts and air handlers in over 100,000 buildings.

The name Monster Vac comes from our powerful Monster Vac Trucks that we custom build to meet our stringent specifications. We have always believed that the key to professionally cleaning heating and air conditioning systems is to have tremendous suction power. No other air duct cleaning vacuum trucks or portable equipment even comes close to generating the type of suction power the Monster Vac Truck will produce.

Our central Denver location enables us to serve customers throughout Colorado including Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Englewood, Littleton, Fort Collins, Mountain areas and everywhere in between.

Our web site is packed with information about the services we offer. Please take time to go through the site and learn more about Monster Vac.

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