Why Clean Evaporator Coils In Your Home?

Every Colorado Home Needs to Clean Evaporator Coils

If you’re like most homeowners in Colorado, then you’ve probably never even heard of an evaporator coil. But a dirty evaporator coil can actually cause a world of problems if it goes unnoticed for too long.

Evaporator coils play a huge role in your home’s air flow and air quality. But they’re also prone to gunk — especially out here in Colorado. Our state is filled with beautiful pine trees, aspens, and wild grasses. But of course, that means it’s also filled with a lot of pollen and other air pollutants. Because of this, your Colorado home is nearly twice as likely to become caked with pollutants.

If your evaporator coil is clogging up, then you may notice a gradual decline in your home’s air quality and comfort along with a steady increase in your utility bills every month. 

What is an Evaporator Coil, Anyways, and Why is it so Important?

Your home’s evaporator coil is located in the airstream of your HVAC equipment. 100% of the air that heats or cools your home must travel through the evaporator coil. Dirty evaporator coils diminish heating and cooling efficiency, which means more energy used, more money spent on utility bills, and less results

Your evaporator coil is meant to regulate your home’s comfort, but it can certainly become an uncomfortable problem if it is not maintained regularly. Consider this: Evaporator coils produce condensation. So when all of that Colorado pollen, dirt, and dust start to accumulate, the moist, sticky environment becomes the perfect place for mold and bacteria to grow. This can become a serious health hazard over time.

Frozen Evaporator Coil
Matted Evaporator Coil

When You Clean Evaporator Coils Regularly, You Can Prevent the Worst from Happening

 By staying on top of the cleanliness of your evaporator coil, you’ll be keeping your home comfortable, your budget in line, and your family healthy. Regular evaporator coil cleanings can reduce the allergens in your home’s air, as well as prevent the growth of harmful molds and bacteria.

Regular cleanings can also keep your equipment running like new. Too many homeowners have replaced their entire heating and cooling system because they believed that it wasn’t functioning properly. But that’s not always the case, and more often than not, homeowners never realize that they never had to empty their wallets and buy a whole new unit. They just had to get their evaporator coils cleaned (which is obviously much cheaper).

And That’s Where Monster Vac Can Help

Monster Vac professionals are highly qualified to protect the safety and comfort of your home’s air. So when it comes to evaporator coil cleaning, our experts utilize only the best cleaning techniques and equipment. We’ll have your air feeling cleaner and your unit running smoother than ever in no time — and we’ll do it all at an affordable cost.

Find out how our Monster Vac experts can improve your home’s air quality and comfort (and while you’re at it, find out how much money we’ll end up saving you in the long-run)!

Cleaning the evaporator coils is part of Monster Vac’s Gold package  of air duct cleaning, we will also clean your condensor coils.

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